Looking like something out of Fallout, this is the KE DTX Mobile Terminal 063-3500. Jacob Alexander has an entire photo gallery of this beast, including closeups of the internals. I love the look of the display on this

The keys have this creased look, making it seem almost like wood, that I think is caused by age, but could be part of the texture of the original look. Either way, it looks really neat

The monitor is connected to the base with a steel(!) bracket. Sure don't make them like they used to

@cypnk my MDTs have similar cracking/stains; I wonder if it's the plastic chosen for these or the environmental conditions. (The MDT-9100 keys were also coated with a brownish patina of cigarette smoke and coffee, which we referred to as "cop juice".) Thanks for introducing me to this terminal!

@cypnk this thing is super cool! Is it a serial terminal, like vt100 compatible etc? if so would be SO cool to hook to a serial port on a linux box and do CLI stuff on it! I have an old DEC VT420 (and a 320) that I got as trash from Uni years ago, made up serial cables and used them for some time, been a while, may have to get one of them out again. Still this thing is WAY cooler!

@KayEllen Good question. I'm not sure about that, actually. The forum thread that lead me to it mentions 1988 as the manufacture date with upgrades in 1994. So unless it was a completely proprietary interface, it's probably VT100 compatible

@cypnk yea, I'd agree with mfg. date in the 80s like that, your bet is pretty good. So cool device, thank god I don't have the chance to get my hands on one, that's -exactly- what I need in my shop, one more awesome antique computer gizmo. :)

@cypnk What a damn weird keyboard layout; = above the 1

@cypnk Needs the autovon dtmf, otherwise it is perfection.

@cypnk I have never seen one of those before, and now I want one!

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