When you're Steven Seagal on a hijacked train and need to do some hacking in a pinch, look no further than the Apple Newton

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) directed by Geoff Murphy

Props to the... prop department

I think this is a MessagePad 120 which had the hinges on top. Pretty sure they've modified the screen a bit

Here's a compilation of the Newton scenes (some naughty language, guns etc...)

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@penguin42 Placement of the notices/decals are slightly different from the original Newton software. They seem to have enhanced the fonts a tad to make them appear more clearly on camera too

@cypnk that looks like Newton UI in the background but kinda slightly cropped? Weird, but idk what the 2000's screen looked like, I only used an OMP

@noiob Yeah, it definitely looks like they've modified the UI a bit. I think to make the actual communication stuff appear nicer on screen

@cypnk This makes me miss the palm pilot and collapsible keyboard I had. It blew people’s minds when I would set that up in public.

@Shufei That right there is magic!

Speaking of, I've been trying to find a way to make this collapsible into two halves. I think it's possible to 3D print the keyboard plate, but DIY is no match for factory finish

@cypnk The QWERTY keyboard is such an odd beast. I’m all for organic culture, but it’s deuce awkward eh...

This is the doohickey I had. Lovely notion, it might give you ideas?

I grok about printed, but it’s all about the finish. Sanded and epoxy coated, or painted, I bet you could make it look lovely.

@Shufei Ooh, it does! Thanks. Yeah, there's a huge difference between concept and execution

The placement also seems more comfortable. I've seen others that are off to the far left or right, and that's kinda annoying to use for a long period. Looks like the Pilot had just the right balance

@cypnk Yea, I’ve never seen a split keyboard which was cut 1:2:1 in that way, but it has some sense. The side boards slide together to lock. Sturdy it did not feel, but I never had it break. I reckon a canny printer could improve the concept, either on such a hinged notion or by separating board sections.

@cypnk Kick this notion: The clamshell idea like the pilot board, but split in half with a hinge, the keys facing each other when closed. When open, the back (aluminum?) clasps together with a pair of loop latches like on a mason jar. This would make it rigid enough for laps and yet lightweight, rough and ready, and portable.

@Shufei If only I had a machine shop! :D

But seriously, that's a neat idea. I'd like to prototype something like that in wood first to see if it's feasible with my current skills or if I need to practice more

Thanks for the tip!

@cypnk Haha, you infected me with the good project idea.

I don’t think you’d need a shop to lathe the aluminum. Can get it in 6in strips, then just saw and sand by hand. I enjoy aluminum for projects because it’s clean and non-ferrous. Then just print the inside bits for the sandwich, use screws to hold them down. A nice glossy paint would do the plastic proper...

Anyway, will enjoy seeing what you come up with!

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