I need to learn every spoken language currently in use

For reasons

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By my experience, you only can speak one language at a time. So, if you speak in one, you can't learn another.
Btw: never try to speak programming languages, even Basic, for you'll earn E_parser

@cypnk I'm into it. What are your top picks? Mine are Finnish, Basque, Esperanto, Swedish, and German even though I don't like German. That one's more of a practical goal.

@rmsugarcandy Mine are Russian, Finnish, German, Hindi, Tamil, and Japanese for now

I was learning Russian before, but forgot everything 😓

@cypnk Oi! Well, where are you at with Finnish? Can we suck at this together? I'm actually "real-grammar-smart" but always lose steam because I have no one to play with and then I forget stuff. They just released the Finnish Duolingo today which is rad. But lemme know if you wanna write some bumpy penpal letters or something.

@rmsugarcandy Thanks!

Embarrassingly, I haven't even started on Finnish yet. I actually wanted to visit Finland before... things happened around the world

@cypnk Ohhhhhh I understand. Well that's cool too- if you get going even a little I'm still down to throw words at people, and check out the Duolingo app! I was waiting for that release since last year.

@cypnk I recommend starting with Esperanto, then Lojban up to a certain point.

Both will give you language-understanding superpowers with which you'll grok other languages faster, and Esperanto is even useful on its own.

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