Cassette tape navigation system from 1971

“To calculate [distance to turn], the electronics box is connected to the car’s odometer via what looks to be a physical/mechanical cable connection that drives a gear-based mechanism inside the box, which allows the number of miles to be tabulated, and, when the number of miles equals the value provided by the tone duration, the next instruction is played.”

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@cypnk “Also interesting is how the system handles calibration of tire sizes: via what is, essentially, a cartridge.”

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That is absolutely amazing! As a kid I watched Tomorrows World with awe (apart from the health bits which I found terrifying).

@nigeldgreen Come to think of it, I haven’t seen anything on TV quite like it in a long time. When I was a kid, I remember watching it as Towards 2000 and Beyond 2000. I guess today, it would be a series of individual YouTube channels

Ironically, the show ended around the same time as the birth of YouTube


I guess The Gadget Show was close (in spirit), but the focus was much more on consumer products and already-at-market tech. Interesting observation on timings as I reckon YouTube would have been a real future-shock to me when I was watching TW in the 70s.

@nigeldgreen @cypnk Some of the TW stuff was quite far in the future - I remember the 3d printing demo that must have been mid 80's, and the high-temp superconducting article soon after the yttrium stuff had been found.

@penguin42 @cypnk

One of the main things I remember was Raymond Baxter testing whether eating apples was good for cleaning teeth or not. He concluded that you were better to eat peanuts and cheese.

@cypnk (googles) and the Bond Film 'Diamonds are Forever' in the same year had satelites controlled by Casettes :-)

@cypnk Reminds me of the Honda map system that used a gyro and inertial guidance but couldn't do navigation iirc. It was something like microfiche maps plus dead reckoning.

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