Hiya folks!

Hope you've been safe and sound

For the last month or so I've been off in rural New York trying to setup an entire internet thingy from scratch (most of our country is stuck in 1997)

Here's what that was like

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@cypnk What the hell did you just make me watch!!!

@fleeky Had to install a fresh run of fiber from a local ISP to some building and then to each other. Also needed to wire up each building for Ethernet

@cypnk uhh please do a write up of that process! was it completely your deal? what buildings? what can you talk about? ive always wanted to figure out how to diy fiber installs.

@fleeky I should write that. I had a helper, but yeah it was just me most of the time. The buildings were multi-use structures being converted to data centers

It was near farmland so lots of cow dung around when running the lines underground. Boots highly recommended!

Fiber was pre-terminated at the factory so I didn't do any splicing. It was fairly straightforward, just there was a lot it. Also waiting around for digging permission and keeping animals from chewing things

@fleeky Painfully slowly. It was disappointing because there really aren't a whole lot of choices in at area. This video does a very good job of describing similar issues (although ours was a tad simpler since the ISP did the bulk of the work)

@cypnk i saved that in my bookmarks , really great video and slightly cautionary :) i wouldnt want to get into something like that without halp!

@cypnk machine learning has gone too far.

Actuallly reminds me, some other study found the agents would sometimes find poses "outside of the training set" basically breaking the opponent.

@cypnk I don't want to know whatever the hell that demonstration is supposed to illustrate. I am satisfied it exists and anything more will detract from that. Welcome back.

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