I've seen these portables from Polycom, but haven't been able to find much detail on them. Don't know if they were in widespread use, but super-local or just rare overall. Apparently, they had Cherry ML keys according to this Reddit thread from a couple of years back

Here's a gallery of closeups of the PT-200

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@cypnk Why in the name of dingleberries hasn't somebody produced a smart device where the form factor is defined and limited by a minimalist keyboard with full-size keys?

That's basically everything I want in a computer, 97% of the time. Low resolution screen, clicky keyboard, good battery life.

@dlek It's nearly perfect. Ages ago, I was fiddling around with keyboard layouts and thought of this one as ideal for my writing purposes (basically my digital typewriter)

Although, mine isn't nearly as minimal as that device, the keyboard plate for this layout can be squeezed just inside the bed area of a 3D printer

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