Yet another fluff piece from about how we outta do something about the Internet

Uh, you?
How about you?

> Let’s take back control from those who violate our privacy

You're sponsored by Google

> We’re a non-profit backed organization that exists for the sole purpose of protecting the internet

You laid off 250 employees while your CEO made almost $2.5 million and continue to rake it in

> Big tech has gotten too big

Again, *literally* taking in Google bucks

@cypnk it's nice that they can be that critical while still taking in Google's money though. But agreed on the CEO compensation.

Sure there's an argument for paying a competitive salary, but there's many civic minded people who can do it for less, and you don't even need that much to live comfortably even in Silicon Valley (which again you don't have to).

I'm still buying their services in the hope they can wean themselves off Google's teats though.

@michel_slm I'd honestly much rather pay for Firefox and Thunderbird as independent products. Times are tight right now and I can't really afford to spend like I used to, but if it actually helps save the Internet, then that's a small price to pay

@cypnk so would I (well, for Firefox at least, Thunderbird's calendar and contacts integration is a far cry from Evolution's or Kontact's so as someone who mostly uses Linux it doesn't really appeal). I'm also steering clear of their VPN product (I'd rather pay Mullvad) but I did subscribe to since I like funding websites in exchange for no ads and less trackers.

@cypnk Hmmm, recommending The Social Delimma.

You know there's other great documentaries that make better arguments for this cause? Like Terms And Conditions May Apply or apparantly The Great Hack! I'm very glad TSD's getting attention, but there's a lot wrong with it's argument. I glad Mozilla recognizes the diversity issue!

@cypnk Also in recommending other anti-disestablishment tools, I'd heavily recommend Write.As over Medium. And there's plenty of others excellent sites like Switching.Social can recommend.

Disclaimer: I contracted for them, writing the initial version of their GTK client.

After a brief look over this new Mozilla advertising campaign, I think I view it in much the same light as The Social Dilemma...

@alcinnz @cypnk that page is a real head-scratcher. "Facebook is a problem" [share this on facebook]

and recommending medium is like ... I guess it's technically not as bad as google?? but ... geez.

@cypnk Isn't there a separation between Mozilla the nonprofit and Mozilla the company? I'm pretty sure they are two entities, not certain where to attribute which though, but maybe that's why we are getting mixed messages.

@charims Given the way the two operate, it's physically impossible to keep concerns separate from the org and the company. Especially when there's significant administrative cross-pollination between the two

The actual people doing the grunt work at Mozilla (the org) are fantastic people and most are driven by the end goal of making the Internet better for everyone

Reminds me - on there's firefox and it can't be deleted, it's "not found" but even when you select another browser as default, firefox opens and it has your last visited in a tab - from days ago. Don't like.


@FriendofBernie Maybe it's not doing anything, but it's definitely user-hostile behavior


@cypnk The hypocracy in that Mozilla post is wild. They're assuming that the reader is a fool who doesn't know anything about their income or CEO.

“Take back control” is an often used phrase here in brexitland. It's typically associated with racists and xenophobes. So not a great PR slogan.

We should reclaim the internet as a public resource, but Mozilla needs to reflect and then make substantive internal organization changes before it can credibly lead any movement against tech Zaibatsu.

@cypnk This right here. I'm pretty much done with #Mozilla at this point.

@cypnk Even their blog is hosted at fucking Google so that it gets blocked by my firewall 🙄

@nipos Wow! I didn't even notice that. So their entire ecosystem still revolves around Google

@cypnk I think the biggest part of their stuff is still hosted at Amazon AWS (what isn't much better) but especially newer services like Firefox Send or the Mozilla VPN infopage are hosted at Google Cloud.So if you use Mozillas pseudo privacy protecting stuff,you directly support the worlds biggest privacy violation company 🤢


The web is so fucked that you need a lot of means to maintain a web browser.

Firefox can barely compete with chrome, and there are currently no business model that could maintain a web browser outside of advertisement.

This sucks, but it's not Mozilla's fault. I prefer having Firefox's development being financed by google than not having Firefox at all.

I do agree that the CEO of Mozilla should not be paid that much, but it is not that significant in Mozilla's finances.

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