TIL This website exists and it's exactly what the name implies

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@cypnk I clicked on a pork sloppy joe. It required a pressure cooker and I bailed at that point. The graphic of common recipe sites is true though. I should go back and poke around.
Except for some baking, most recipes are more for ideas than a step-by-step science experiment? At least it seems so to me. You abstract the idea and then just mess around with it.
Yes, some things have ratios like rice, oatmeal, bread, roux - not that stuff :-)

I did go back and, as it happens, I looked at that very recipe. I have all those spices to hand and mix and match them all the time with wild abandon! :-)

@cypnk this problem grinds my gears too. That and recipes disappearing from the internet after a year or so. Online recipes have so much room for improvement

@cypnk that is friggin' awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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