me: i would like to buy one general-purpose computer please

apple: no

microsoft: maybe

dell: if you're a developer, ok for now

weird small linux manufacturers: duuuuuude try a drag of this one, maaaaaaaan, it'll make you see the bits in your miiiiiiiiiind

@brion I've never felt so called out for owning a pinebook.

@unlofl @brion >weird small linux manufacturers So, like, two of them.

@happymoomoo @brion @unlofl

- Purism
- Lemote ("smallish")
- Pine64
- ZaReason
- Clevo

And about several dozen others from Shenzhen, Taipei, Chennai, and Hanoi among other hub cities


@restioson @happymoomoo Clevo is the OEM for both System75 and Tuxedo Computers. They just add their own customizations

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@restioson @cypnk @happymoomoo the advantage of tuxedo for me is local support. But for the sake of it, how or where would i order the new ryzen 7 4800h Clevo that they use for tuxedo pulse 15?

@zladuric @restioson @happymoomoo Tuxedo orders barebones from Clevo and install the CPU, RAM etc... themselves

If Clevo does at some point do their own 4800, it will be listed here

@cypnk @restioson @happymoomoo ah, so that how it works. I was wondering why'd people want you get this stuff like that instead of relying on someone like tuxedo doing the hard work for you.

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