I'd like to browse the web unmolested by the gauntlet of contracts I'm forced to accept before seeing the bit of HTML that's actual content

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@drwho In this brave new world of JavaScript, some sites are just blank pages on Lynx

Even NASA (funded by our damn tax dollars) have pages which just won't show without JS for no other reason than the framework they picked. The content is just plaintext, not even images

@mdhughes @cypnk what we need is an automated way of sharing the mods ppl make using inspector

@mdhughes Same. It's like hacking through a right-click block because I wanted to download photos of paintings. Uh, the art is already in the public domain!

@mdhughes @cypnk So do I often. But only if there's no READER MODE button in the URL bar. In most cases, that simply works fine; if even in reader-mode you only see that nag screen, Inspector doesn't help either to my experience – as the "real content" only loads via JS when "confirmed". In such cases, there's another helpful button: close tab. That page cannot be THAT interesting…

@cypnk uBlock Origin weeds out quite a bit of the stuff that completely locks the page off, to the point where it's almost never been an issue. The filter isn't enabled by default, though.

@gamethecupdog Oh yeah, I have it too. Problem is that I have it to block JS by default (or else a lot of sites are unusable), but then sometimes, I get a blank screen without JS because they're using a framework. All that fuss for a couple of paragraphs of text

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