TIL There was fast food in medieval Europe

"The one commercial product that was cheap, readily available, and not immediately perishable, was bread, which formed the mainstay of their diet. Flour also formed the basis of a wide variety of prepared foods, most of which were sold hot, which means that they were meant for immediate consumption."

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East Anglia, medieval fast food, gross/cursed 


>Norwich sources from the late thirteenth century indicate that cooks from a neighboring town made sausage and pudding from diseased pork that was not fit to eat. During the same period, cooks and pasty makers apparently warmed up pasties that were several days old and spoiling.

its really not a great deal better today in some parts of the region 😆

East Anglia, medieval fast food, gross/cursed 

@vfrmedia I was thinking about a place in New York with the exact same reputation. Some things never change

East Anglia, medieval fast food, gross/cursed 

@vfrmedia @cypnk omg 🤮

@cypnk Getcher meat pie on a stick! Cut me own throat if it's not genuine meat!

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