Looking at the kinds of electronics for sale in Tokyo, 1993

It's remarkable how many of these have been squeezed into smartphones today. I'd argue, in some, cases inappropriately since the standalone device experience on some of these were really hard to replace

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@cypnk Camera makers really screwed themselves by not putting usable network devices & editing software in the camera, so cell phones with 1mm thick cameras ate their business.

@mdhughes Yup. Prosumer market would have killed to get WiFi, if not Bluetooth and wireless charging. But no. Let's shove them some glass at markup while bumping up megapixels (which, bedsides for marketing) most people don't even notice once they upload it somewhere anyway

Android could have been running on cameras all this time

@cypnk also available in 1993 Tokyo: American pop music from 1988 in the background (I caught “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” and “King of Wishful Thinking”)

@dustin They had some refined tastes ;) Really, I think it's the best balance of being good to listen when focused while also blending well to the background when not

@cypnk Bring back bespoke devices!

There's absolutely value in dedicating a device for a certain purpose - the phone does everything okayish, but I want to see devices shaped by their purpose, not through being applicable to anything.


For one, I would really like to see a dedicated note-taking device for instance, an "org-moder", or one that incorporates the features of the current crop of note-taking software (Roam, Notion, etc.)

@tml I'm working on something like that. It's a simple writer to take down my journals while in the woods. Not quite as powerful as org-mode or similar for me, but something that's a hackable platform so it can be done if someone else needs it

@cypnk No way! I'll be following for sure.

I've seriously wanted to hack something like that together too, but mostly I couldn't find a reasonable keyboard to use and designing one from scratch felt a bit too bike-sheddy.
(Maybe it wasn't though?)

A hackable platform sounds really exciting :)

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