After looking up various terms like "moving needle" "balance needle" "display meter" "analog display meter" "analog display moving needle" and so on... I finally figured out what this thing is called

It's a "moving coil meter" and the important bit is a "movement", borrowed from watch lingo because some use similar delicate spring(s) and polished bearings to reduce friction

And it's the heart of pretty much every powered analog needle display from multimeters, fuel gauges, VU, and light meters

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Hint: beware of some ammeters that have a thermal movement where the current bends a bimetallic strip. They are slow to react and can be very inaccurate.
I got caught by one of those that didn't even register a 5A discharge on a battery. Had to change it for an electromagnetic type, when I found a dealer that actually understood the question.

@Stringbender That last part is the challenge a lot of times. They remove these parts from ancient equipment without actually knowing how they operate

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