Entire YouTube and Twitch careers have risen and fallen in the time it took for me to notice

I wonder if this is how the folks in Gaul felt when a gladiator won/lost in the Colosseum

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@cypnk Suddenly imagining gladiators engaging in nakedly parasocial YouTube nonsense pre-game:
Gladiator, turning to crowd with gleaming teeth: "Hey peep gang, I'm so pumped to have you here with me for another episode!"

@cathal @cypnk [driving gladius between opponent's ribs] be sure to mash that subscribe button

@cypnk Romans sitting around like “I’m too old to care about that shit, whatever makes the kids happy I’ll just watch Virgil reruns.”


tired: be sure to SMASH like!

wired: Thy servant shall be pleased to SMASH this churlish casual's forehead betwixt the sockets of his impertinent eyes with thy divine thumbs up, highly esteemed Emperor Tiberius!

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