There's still no rule about the types of masks allowed in public if they do the job (I.E. not useless like a mesh), so it's entirely feasible for AI defeating anti-facial-recognition patterns to be incorporated

This pattern is called HyperFace and instead of "hiding" a face, it's designed to flood the Viola-Jones Haar Cascade algorithm by creating numerous hits

Masks made from material with this or similar prints are already widespread and they're part of the ideal urban camouflage kit

@cypnk Very nice! Are there places selling such masks already?

@meejah There are indeed. I found some on eBay, but there are sellers on Etsy and I'm sure Amazon has them as well

In fact, there are sellers producing whole outfits made of the pattern

@cypnk Hmm, while searching, this says it's a prototype / not for sale anywhere:

late but 

@cypnk @meejah "Notice: This product is not for sale. If you see it being sold anywhere, it is fake and does not work. HyperFace is an artwork available only for exhibition. The print, made in 2016, is now technically outdated."


late but 

@sobsz @meejah Oh! I totally missed this. Thanks for highlighting it 馃憤

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