Ever since the Nintendo Switch came out, searching for "switch cover", as in a thing meant to turn power on and off, has been annoying to say the least


I've always loved the aesthetics of these panel mounted switch guards, but I could never find the proper term for them

I guess "switch guards" were what they're called, but good luck finding anything relevant now that the Nintendo Switch is out

But it occurred to me that I can still use those tiny u-bolts used to hold down pipes, cables etc... They're not rated for heavy loads, but can handle switch guard duty just fine. Bonus: They're cheaper than guards

Yes, this is for side project No.8862

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These are marine grade eye bolts (used to attach lines and such to boats) and they're the closest I could find to switch guards that aren't actual switch guards

I still need to find a smaller size than this (which may work as a guard for something else)

And I need to convince a supplier to sell me a few hundred of them for the same price as a sack of potatoes

Oh wow, someone else had the exact same u-bolt guard idea and made an entire control console for Kerbal


They look pretty sweet, actually. From a distance, you can't tell they're u-bolts, not switch guards. But they do the job!

This is almost exactly the same look I'm trying to achieve

@cypnk idk, I've looked up switch guard and there's nothing about the Nintendo switch

@a_breakin_glass After trying "switch guard" on AliExpress, which is, sadly, the only market I can afford right now, I actually gave up

Turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it lead me to find something else that might work better

Now I just need to make sure I remember how to use a drill press correctly after all this time (it's been a long year) and... drill a few hundred holes without hurting myself :blobsweats:

@a_breakin_glass @cypnk I also searched, and the first 'Nintendo Switch' reference was at result 30 or so.

I believe you are attributing a problem to the Nintendo Switch that you should point at your search engine. Which is likely Google, who do not care what you are looking for. They care about presenting you with advertising.

search.fuckoffgoogle.net?q=swi guard

This is the one I used, but any searx instance is likely to work.

@Truck @a_breakin_glass I don't think either one of us alluded to the search engine either of us used

In my specific case, I was using AliExpress because I was looking to buy the part and not just look for images. They're selling switch covers for the Nintendo because they're catering to demand, not my esoteric equipment

@cypnk @a_breakin_glass No, you didn't.

But you did speak of the RESULTS.

And the results that you spoke of are those that Google, or similar, search engines will return. The results of "here are things you can buy!" not "information about this subject."

I don't know, maybe it's me, but when something doesn't work, I like to find things that do.

Sorry for interjecting something that might help you. I actually meant to be helpful, you took it as an intrusion. My bad.

@Truck @a_breakin_glass No worries, I appreciate the time you took to offer an alternative

My main search engine hasn't been Google in quite some years

@a_breakin_glass @cypnk Hmm also interesting in that it was actually with a space, rather than a %20 ... that ... theoretically should not have worked, but it did.

@cjd Alas, that always lead me to those toggle switch guards. Which always had their charm, but wasn't really durable enough for what I had in mind

No worries though, I did manage to find a nice u-bolt style that may work well. Just gotta find a smaller size

@cypnk now I want to play again KSP with a custom panel cockpit

Et would be a fun DIY project tbh

@cypnk I’ve heard them called molly guards, although that’s not QUITE the right term

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