Ever since the Nintendo Switch came out, searching for "switch cover", as in a thing meant to turn power on and off, has been annoying to say the least

I've always loved the aesthetics of these panel mounted switch guards, but I could never find the proper term for them

I guess "switch guards" were what they're called, but good luck finding anything relevant now that the Nintendo Switch is out

But it occurred to me that I can still use those tiny u-bolts used to hold down pipes, cables etc... They're not rated for heavy loads, but can handle switch guard duty just fine. Bonus: They're cheaper than guards

Yes, this is for side project No.8862


These are marine grade eye bolts (used to attach lines and such to boats) and they're the closest I could find to switch guards that aren't actual switch guards

I still need to find a smaller size than this (which may work as a guard for something else)

And I need to convince a supplier to sell me a few hundred of them for the same price as a sack of potatoes

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Oh wow, someone else had the exact same u-bolt guard idea and made an entire control console for Kerbal


They look pretty sweet, actually. From a distance, you can't tell they're u-bolts, not switch guards. But they do the job!

This is almost exactly the same look I'm trying to achieve

@cypnk now I want to play again KSP with a custom panel cockpit

Et would be a fun DIY project tbh
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