The Matra Terminal by Minitel from 1984. This was used to access Videotex, which before the web, was probably one of the most online services. Actually, even after the web, there were still millions of Minitel network connections as of 2009 (according to Wikipedia)

I'm totally fond of this aesthetic and the fact the keyboard folds *into* the screen. The photo version is probably a later model

@cypnk I had a couple of these (short-lived US version), but the plastic was poorly engineered and had become super brittle over the years. Since the design had the crts hanging directly from the plastic bezels, I eventually just salvaged them for other projects.

@cypnk I can translate the text on the second monitor if you'd like.

@cypnk ET-2 = (National Television 2)
Friday November 6
5.00 PINOCCHIO (rerun) Colour children's animated cartoon
6.00 NEWS (as ET-2 sees it)
6.15 THUNDERCATS (25th) Animated cartoon
6.40 OUR FRIEND KOK (Episode 6, new season)

It's interesting to note that there are some strange letter substitutions. Funniest example is θ-th is replaced by φ-f, spelling FUNDERCATS.

It doesn't appear to be software gore, so probs a mistake.

@CanisMajoris Thank you!🙏

I'm guessing this was a TV guide of some sort. Spelling errors are fairly common for those sorts of things, even today on modern guides

@cypnk Yep, I'm guessing it's teletext. I thought you might find interesting!

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