Anyone else suddenly wake up in a cold sweat, thinking you have a math test... and then remembering your graduation is already old enough to vote?

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@cypnk the last time i had a dream that i hadn't actually graduated highschool and had to go back was roughly mid december.

@brennen Good to know I'm not the only one with those dreams too. Mine was around late November

@cypnk Nah, those all got replaced by naked-in-the-office dreams. And now I can work in a dressing gown most of the time anyway, so that's fine

@g1comics This is why all my remote calls are voice-only unless absolutely necessary. And even then, I have to remove the electrical tape off the webcam before starting

@cypnk Yup, this happens to me too, for years. Somehow more recently at the end of the dream I ask myself, "Didn't I already graduate? Why am I taking this test that I haven't studied for?" and then I wake up. I had a super weird one where I thought I had to go back to high school cause somehow I didn't graduate, and had to repeat all my years of schooling. That was disturbing.

@cypnk Actually, yes. This has recently replaced my recurring nightmare about being a 5th year senior and needing to check my mail, but not having any. (Like a loser, I guess?)

@djmoch Count your blessings there were no mail (as in my case, "Student Loan Vouchers" which were not actually vouchers and a dandy way to fall into debt... somehow I avoided this)

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