I've avoided blocking and muting for the most part because of my old inclinations as a forum admin from back in the day (except in egregious circumstances)

Then I remember, it's not really everyone else's forum and I shouldn't allow my front yard, were I chat with the neighbors, to be treated like everyone else's dumpster

> Then I remember, it's not really everyone else's forum

But in practice, it's not your front yard - you're talking in a public street where anyone can comment absolutely anything.

That's the issue with Mastodon. The only way people get some privacy is through obscurity and through followers-only posts.

Hence the need to implement the circles feature (Really, how many years it's been since Mastodon came out?)

@yuki can be your front yard easily, we have tools to avoid growing grass: silence, block... @cypnk

@yuki This might be the one feature I miss from Google+

I don't know enough about Mastodon's architecture (or the fediverse, for that matter) to know if it's really feasible

I'm working on a forum right now for my purposes and it's going to have circles by default

As for it not being a forum, true that anyone can walk up to you and say anything, but there's still etiquette in the commons. And people are still responsible for what they say

It should be feasible: All this requires is to add support for a virtual user (a dedicated circle bot) which shall take place of the circle itself. The circle should have an ID and a visible name (eg "Yuki's Dungeons and Dragons group". The ID could even be numeric for all that matters.

The circle relays the posts to the circle members. Mentions outside the circle are stripped for security, and posts to the circle are ignored if author is not in the circle.

Posts and replies are reposted by the circle with author info so no post can leak accidentally. All replies to the circle most be rejected by the instance to avoid privacy leaks.

Circle admin (the creator) can send commands to the bot a-la irc style, and the bot can do the administration tasks. (basically invite users, add and remove)

Errata: All non-DM replies to the circle must be rejected by the instance.

(Addendum: This way the circle acts as an intermediary, and effectively all you do is DM the circle and the circle only posts followers only, so that everything stays between you and the circle.)

@Tay0 @yuki Kinda, but it's not quite the same. Also, Mastodon's lists are quite a lot different from even Twitter's lists. I'm told Friendica's behavior is closer to circles, but I don't have experience with it yet (it does also support ActivityPub)

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