@cypnk overload of information in 2000
imagine the horror we face now

@lis I think maybe back then, some people understood it could get to be too much. And it was more expensive too. Of course, the papers tend to exaggerate quite a lot

@cypnk perhaps more people are starting to realise it now. And I can understand why they were saying it back then. While most business was still conducted in meatspace, there was no real reson to spend so much money on it.
Now we discuss whether or not access to the internet should be considered a human right :)

@cypnk "By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet鈥檚 impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine鈥檚.鈥

- Paul Krugman, 1998

@AppleStrudelMan I remember that one. To be fair though, the fax machine lasted a lot longer than I thought was possible. Probably thanks to Japan

@cypnk I was surprised how much software was developed to fax data from one computer to another.

@cypnk I think I want to live in that universe. Anybody got an interdimensional gateway they can loan me?

I love this bit from the article text:

"Experts from the virtual society project, which published the report, say predictions that the Internet would revolutionize the way society works have proved wildly inaccurate."

Turns out that conclusion was wildly inaccurate 馃槀

Change Internet to Newspapers and it is closer to the mark.


What a surprise, the Daily Mail is not a [[WP:RS]]...

@cypnk meanwhile I had been on #FurryMUCK for a little over three years at that point and terminally online for about 7.


"Teenagers' use of the internet has declined. They were energised by what you can do on the Net but they have been through all that and then realised there is more to life in the real world and gone back to it."

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