FYI If you're using Google Pay, you *will* lose access to your funds if Google suspends your account (along with email, YouTube, and anything else in the ecosystem)

I don't use it personally, but I have an account and they just sent me an email about a ToS change

BTW I will block anyone who starts with "stop using Google lol" or similar cause it's asinine. It's not just search

My state's GOVERNMENT PORTAL uses Google's captcha and other services

Until it gets broken up, Google is inescapable

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@cypnk Boycotters don't realise they help companies they are boycotting more often than they hurt them, through negative advertising. In this day and age boycotting GAFAM is futile unless you particularly don't want to use their products (which legit suck most of the time) because these companies have basically institutionalised to such a degree that voting with your wallet (which is, wat?) is practically impossible.

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