ProTip: If you're in school and you're given an email address (here, .edu domain emails are common), don't use it for things which will require a long-term access

Or for anything your school disagrees with or want to keep from the prying eyes of the administration and IT. Policies/Laws mean little if the capability exists

Once you graduate, or leave through another means, you may loss access to your email and any other account registered with it, if you can't change it later

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@cypnk You can extend that to professional adresses too.

At my library, we often have people complaining that they have not received the reminder for loans that are late, and when we check the email adress, they are “oh no, I don't work there anymore, so that adress has been deleted”…

And why do you complain to us if you did not notice us the change? How are we supposed to guess that?

@arcans @cypnk

what I don't understand is in previous decade some employers might allow you (within reason) to make and receive personal phone calls at your desk; but at the same time you clearly wouldn't expect to keep the same phone number after you have left the job - why would that be any different for email addresses?

@vfrmedia @arcans A lot of people still perceive emails as property which can be forwarded like physical letters after notifying the post office

Dated thinking, but I believe that's slowly changing as digital natives take over these positions

@cypnk @arcans

although in this country it isn't free to redirect physical mail (so not everyone does that), and you generally wouldn't expect your former employers to send on parcels from online shops even if you were allowed to send them there..

@vfrmedia @cypnk A few weeks ago, I had an automated reply saying along the lines of “I have decided to change my career path and won't be receiving email at this address anymore. If you want to contact someone from this organization, please reach out to XXX at XXXX. You want to contact me, you can write at XXXX”. I guess that is a solution for a time.

@cypnk One of the issues is realising at the time what is and isn't long-term. I have "junk" email addresses I've set up for things I think will be temporary, only some of the things I've signed up to with them have turned out to be still useful years later. So another key is maybe to check your email logins once in a while, and move some of them.

@rosjackson @cypnk

I had to do this over the last couple of years due to using a .eu email address since about 2014 and subsequently half my country's population voting to exit the European Union; though in the end I have been able to keep my .eu domain (by leasing it to a company in Ireland) I had to move all the more critical stuff to my .uk email addresses just in case this agreement is not sustainable long term..

Indeed @cypnk same can be said with document created using Microsoft f’free’ access provided by educational institutions. Access can be lost when the student leaves education unless you subscribe to the products. Libre office can be a free alternative.

@cypnk I realized that was a problem that I had used my high school email when I no longer could receive the password reset email for my ICQ account.

Oh, wait...

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