The Internet does not spark joy

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Welp! Shortly after I made this toot, I was accidentally knocked off the Internet for nearly 4 days

Lesson learned:
Don't anger the Cloud God

@cypnk Hahaha so you're going to Marie Condo it?

I noticed you were quiet. Welcome back.

@Tay0 Thank you! 馃槉

Apparently, utility poles aren't "careless teenager in a pickup" proof. No one was hurt, but it took a while to get service back up

We had a truck pulling a livestock trailer roll over and take out a pole that serves us yesterday. Miraculously, we never lost power. The top section of the clipped pole just hung in the air while a crew set a new one right next to it. I didn't realize they could do all that while it's hot.

@Tay0 Oh, it's pretty surreal when they do that. I'm guessing it looked a bit like this for a little while

@cypnk @Tay0 wow that is pretty surreal. I bet it would fit well in an anime 馃槂

Yes, but only 3 phases on the cross arm and a neutral below.

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