@cypnk This reminds me of calling MS for support back in the day.

Very often you'd get someone who would respond, "I'm sorry, but I'm unable to help due to routine UN-scheduled maintenance of the system."

I would usually quip, "Ohhh...you use your own products, don't you?" This was usually followed by a moment of awkward silence.

@profoundlynerdy "I should have been a potato farmer" is a thought I've unironically had back when I was doing phone support

@cypnk Phone support sucks. I took the "tear the band aid off as fast as possible approach."

1. Due to MS changing the GUI too often, don't ask the Windows version. Just get the user to CMD / PS as fast as possible.
2. Force the user to type commands. Their stress level will go up. So what.
3. If you don't know what could cause, > gpupdate /force and reboot.

Ideally #3 is done after confirming user's workstation isn't also a server.

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