Crypto is temporary
Potatoes are forever

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@cypnk i've eaten so many potatoes while in vermont ,,,

@fleeky They're good for ya! Speaking of potatoes, I've been looking at raised bed farming lately. Don't think it's going to replace store bought food entirely, at least for me, but I think it's good to have a supplemental source of food

@cypnk these actually are more resilient and apparently grow on our property , technically an invasive species in vermont but you could keep them isolated and they would grow really well..

@fleeky @cypnk The rub with these guys is, most of their energy content is inaccessible to humans. It's all inulins, great for wind but not good fuel.
Oca make a good combo with potatoes but yield can be bad. Tree nuts would be a good long term one - sweet chestnuts store great and are very versatile and nutritious, if you have 30-50 years to wait.

@seachaint @cypnk i was reading that sunchoke's can be very good for digestive bacteria , main reason why i thought they could be a good crop , but maybe i need to read up more , thanks for the tip!

@fleeky @cypnk Oh great for your microbiome, in moderation - that much is certainly true. But the fact that most of their carbohydrate content is inulin is probably the same reason they are so pest-resistant. You get apparently great yields and perhaps filling meals, but I gather they make a poor staple.
Perhaps traditional use can inform here though. If anyone's ever relied on them maybe they figured out fermentations to release the energy?


There are chestnuts that come into fruit after only a few short years

Think its the perennial staple crop with the most promise for temperate climates

@fleeky @cypnk

@dazinism @fleeky @cypnk Interesting! I got a chestnut branch from a mature variety tree grafted to a wildtype rootstock, apparently that can make a good shortcut. But I didn't know there were rapidly-maturing varieties too.
I for sure got mine as a staple in case of collapse. Hope it's big enough before the need arises?

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