@xjix There's one in my closet that I haven't found a way to fix yet (some of the parts are pretty old). I've been meaning to build a new cabinet for it and build it from scratch

@cypnk For serious. That was pretty nice back then.

@cypnk also amber color for display panels! Why is every display blindingly blue these days? Amber is easier on the eyes

@Scout I've been trying to find a way to turn an e-Ink display into a projector of sorts. Haven't had too much luck, but I'm still trying

The alternative is a conventional black and white LCD panel with the backlight changed to amber

@cypnk I had so many of these chunky devices in my youth, always second had and always ending up broken when I cluelessly took them apart.

@mxtthxw That's the best way to learn how these work though. I too have taken apart more than my fair share, but it game me a lot of insight into what works and why they fail (usually the capacitors and contact corrosion)

@cypnk I never got as far, if it wasn't a fuse I was buggered... However, I did sus out how to bounce from tape deck to tape deck and create multitracks and pause edits.

@cypnk latest system76 desktop computers have wood grain paneling, just saying

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