The solution to the trolley problem is to derail the trolley

Ask yourself if a system which allows tying people to trolley tracks becomes viable if enough trolleys get derailed

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@cypnk "Ein Unfall war's. Und keine Reise.

Erinnert euch, bis ihr es wisst:

Wenn man als Straßenbahn geboren ist,

dann braucht man Gleise."

-- Erich Kästner

@cypnk Unusual to see anti-mass-transit sentiment around here.

@storchp Luckily, all three possibilities (let the trolley pass, divert the trolley, derail the trolley) are all imaginary scenarios and I can sleep well either way 😇

But seriously, a lot of times, these dilemmas occur because the systems in place encourage their creation alternatively, raise the taxes on tying-people-to-tracks activities and introduce harsh fines for trolleys that go too fast to brake. Introduce rope-eating bugs to the ecosystem near the tracks

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