This is an interesting build of a flip dot/disc display prototype that I've always wanted to try myself

This system may work as a single 5x8 "pixel" character display module that's typically found in 2 line LCD panels found everywhere

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Closeup on the operating principle of a flip dot/disc display

I wonder if it's viable to use unshielded SMD inductors as the solenoid to further reduce the overall size of a display module

@cypnk maybe instead of flipping a hallbach array (fridge magnet-like) could be made to slide?

Like maybe move it perpendicular to the stripes with field up/down, wires underneath are little coils with the same spacing. So it's to slide one stripe. It's gonna be pretty tiny i guess.

Seems to me like the wires can get nice and intimate with the magnet part then.

@jasper The issue is miniature scale and some level of durability. Having worked with wires for movement before, they're very easy to break over time, especially on smaller diameters

@cypnk Well a big plus-one from me for the sound of the flip! A whole panel would be delightfully clickity-clackity i bet!

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