You may have noticed some sites that immediately redirect you to another page or site if you have JS disabled, prompting you to enable it

This is done with a <meta> refresh inside <noscript>

This can be circumvented in uMatrix by turning off "Spoof <noscript> tags"

@cypnk Thanks for the tip. I usually just hit "Escape" violently to stop the browser from doing that. 🤣

@niconiconi That also does the job, but gotta be careful not to give the escape a workout it won't recover from 😇

@cypnk is there a version of umatrix that's till being developed?

@qbit There isn't as far as I know. But you can do something similar in uBlock Origin in the advanced settings. NoScript too

I just prefer the interface of uMatrix still

@cypnk AFAIK WebKit ignores noscript tags regardless or JS status.

@lanodan That's good to know (well, not from an accessibility standpoint, but at least this hack wouldn't work then)

@lanodan Noscript meta redirects were being used for plaintext and similarly more accessible pages. They were less image heavy as well. Of course this got corrupted later for paywalls

@cypnk Certain other sites use a different URL for JS-free content though, potentially using that mechanism (I didn't check and I'm in bed now, maybe later), such as

@Hyolobrika They do. And this was originally used as an accessibility feature that's now abused for other purposes

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