@Algot I love nurses! But then my joke for mother's day was Kathleen Turner in Serial Mom


Just checking. 😁

My wife is a retired nurse. I need to fight the good fight for her.

She was never comfortable when her younger, silly sisters said, "If you say so, Nurse Rached!"


They did always say it with a smirk/smile.

One of the benefits I got by marrying my wife was learning about sibling dynamics. I was an only child.

@cypnk I love that movie (and book, too!). in fact the book is a trip. Kind of like Naked Lunch.

@calculsoberic Yeah, the movie kinda toned down a lot of the book. But then, it was the 70s so I don't think audiences would have accepted the full brunt of it

@cypnk prooooobably not. Is it just me or was a lot of the stuff back then extremely trippy?

@calculsoberic It definitely was. The 70s was such a weird time when the the peace and love era of the 60s came crashing down. Society was violent (publicly). But then moon landings also happened at the same time the war in Vietnam accelerated

@cypnk You know that is actually an evil nurse from a famous film right?

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