Now attach to it a pregnant anime girl meme but with the Doom guy.

@yuki The universe is large enough that this combo is guaranteed to already exist somewhere

@cypnk i wonder what john carnak thinks of this.. ::^_^::

@cypnk is this a new one? Last time I saw this headline there was a caveat that it actually wasn't running the game

@r Yeah, I added the source to the reply to this. It's the same one

@cypnk And you wonder why we run out of capacity in fabs when we put that much silicon in a throw away!

@penguin42 @cypnk in fairness, neither the display nor the driving processor are originals

Doom running on a pregnancy test 

@cypnk Are you making assertions as to the life-status of the latter?

(Trust me, I get and respond to the joke. But my inner imp cannot resist.)

Doom running on a pregnancy test 

@dredmorbius We're all blobs of flesh to some degree who have successfully feigned sentience

re: Doom running on a pregnancy test 

@cypnk My core competence is faking faking sentience..

@cypnk It’s not *runnig* on it, it’s just the display.

@frumble @cypnk that's relieving info actually, I was briefly shocked thinking they put full computers in pregnancy tests now...

@cadadr @cypnk Electronic pregnancy tests are nearly a scam: Inside, they are the same as analogue ones but a sensor is reading the test color to show the result in text on a display.

@cypnk afaik the test did only display doom. The game did run externally.

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