It's endlessly fascinating to me how people can maneuver extremely heavy vehicles as if they're extensions of their own body

@welshpixie Some magic happening right here. The weather just adds to the perfection

@cypnk we are strangely talented animals. In "The Craftsman" Richard Sennet talks about tools becoming an extension of the user's body and perception.
It's fascinating, as you say.

@cypnk The videos of people doing amazing things with heavy construction equipment get a lot of hits while the videos of them goofing off at work and breaking expensive shit get deleted for fear of getting fired/sued.

@cypnk Simple, you spend 8-12 hours a day doing it. Along the way you decide to ignore the manufacturer’s operational envelope and instead invent your own. You drop a couple of machines on their sides and give another operator a case of beer or whiskey to right it. Maybe you get fired and move on to the next company.

After a while, you’re a pro.

@cypnk spend 5 minutes with one…you will be surprised

@cypnk there’s some amazing people. We have competitions for those, one part they have a tea pot attached to the bucket and have to pour it into a tea cup. The control is insane.

In 1998, Gustavus Adolphus College had the pleasure of redoing its football field (after a tornado filled it with broken glass). My office window looked on it as they carefully tamped the base and put fresh dirt on top, then this old guy with an *awesome* beard got in his grader and he set the crowning on the field both cross and down-field, doing passes which took 1/4" off. It was visual ASMR, watching an expert at work.

They missed a drain line and had to dig up part of it... :(

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