This is pretty neat

"Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky" is a walk-in camera obscura that looks like a simple stone structure built by druids. A pinhole in the opening projects the tree canopy to the interior

@valerauko I feel like doing something like this with my cabin. Maybe not the whole interior, but one wall or side

@cypnk @valerauko that's fantastic.

my parents have this old grain bin on their place, abandoned by the original owners and recently relocated and converted to a storage shed. i keep wondering how much work it'd be to make it an effective camera obscura...

@brennen @valerauko Probably a matter of starting with the tiniest hole possible and then enlarging it. Since the interior dimensions can't be changed, the focal point is going to be fixed. Which means, you can only adjust the aperture

Aperture Science!

@valerauko It's not difficult with enough patience. For my cabin, the interior is going to be all wood so it's just a matter of starting small in one corner. I'll probably go about it after the structure is built

@cypnk wow thats really cool ... if I ever found a religion or something, I'll build some churches like that

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