I haven't seen a respected community staple crash its own reputation as spectacularly as since SourceForge started injecting malware into downloads

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@sprkwd Oh yeah, that's a strong contender too

I still miss that directory. It's weird which parts of Internet history still hold attachment

@cypnk it was genuinely excellent. Serendipitous browsing. Much more exciting.

@sprkwd @cypnk might be an interesting concept to revisit - a curated index of interesting or curious websites.

You'd be able to filter by new additions or view the full index thus far! :thinkhappy:

@polychrome @sprkwd @cypnk

Maybe something wiki-like?

I did notice that the old Mozilla index still exists in a couple of forms. Curlie seems to be the least dead one:

@striker Basically, it was taken over by a corporate entity and the new owner's behavior is forcing out the existing staff

@cypnk sorry, I didn't explain well enough. I was asking about sourceforge

@striker Sourceforge too was sold to another company which then began running misleading "Download" button ads at first and then outright started wrapping the installers around hosted software

The GIMP project made an official statement which explains this in detail

@cypnk I'm glad the Freenode staff loudly resigned, saving the users from years of quiet badness.

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