There's theoretically nothing preventing you or anyone else from starting your own nation no matter where you are

You just can't say so publicly without arousing the ire of better equipped (and defended) governments

From age 5 - 16, I think I founded like 30 nations

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@cypnk Amen to that. What a poetic way to out it too.

@cypnk in high school I was interested in claiming one of those various islands in the Ohio River as a sovereign nation :tinking:

what a load of paperwork, huh?

@theruran And how!

At this point, it better be Antarctica, for all practical reasons (or impractical reasons, as the case may be)

@cypnk gonna setup a Waterworld soon and the nations can't do nothing!


The Hutt River Province guy has been surprisingly successful. Few people realize that a big chunk of Australia is… not governed by the Australian government. It's just easier for them to let him do it!

@publius I heard about that. Apparently, the guy decided to dissolve it late 2020. No idea why, but maybe something to do with resources

It's pretty harsh country over there

@Emperor1 If it's "discovered" it is claimed, as they say. As Tonga did when the Republic of Minerva was founded

This leaves undiscovered islands, but due to the ubiquity of satellite imagery, those too are vanishingly small (except for volcanic islands or "potential" islands which are still submerged)

I believe the Pacific is the only place where this might be viable due to the plateaus which may be reclaimed by adding material, like China is doing by building islands

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