The internet was broken yesterday, apparently

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@crusom Fastly's CDN broke (not sure why) and a lot of very prominent sites, including news orgs, were down. Kinda ironic how resilience and avoiding single points of failure were goals of the original internet

@cypnk: There's no doubt that goal has been replaced.

@tgpo I conflated "web" and "internet", but DNS is a hairy rat's nest that still mostly works as intended

@cypnk Citation needed 🙂

Resilience was certainly a goal of one of the studies which inspired the use of packet switching in the ARPANet (Paul Baran's work at the RAND Corp, not so for Donald Davies's work at NPL) but AFAIK it was never a explicit goal of the ARPANet itself or of the IP-based networks which replaced it. So it'd be interesting to see any contemporary documents which suggest resilience was actually a goal.


@edavies @crusom Here you go:

A concise history beginning with ARPAnet seeding into the Internet with the goals of resiliency intact. A lot of the same people carried over most of the same ideas to keep core competencies intact

@cypnk Nope, sorry you're reading more than is there. That's not even close to contemporary, a partial story, at best, and rather Air Force centric but still there's no link from Baran's second-strike ideas, (as opposed to his and Davies's packet-switching ideas) to the objectives of ARPANET which was mainly about making DoD funded research more efficient.


@cypnk Only yesterday? It feels like it's been broken much longer than that, says the cynical SysAd ;-)

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