Is today the day I find a project that I'll actually want to play with?

1. Docker..."

The search continues

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I want to clarify before everyone gets mad. Docker is a fine project for what it is and it has its uses

I just don't want to use it for my own reasons which are just as valid

@cypnk i use it daily and have long-since concluded that docker is a terrible project with some useful properties that would be better expressed in a less-terrible project.

@sungo @cypnk yeah, "make a list of all the other stuff you can use in this space and mess with it" is on my list of yaks to shave...

@cypnk It probably doesn't actually require Docker. You can crack open the Dockerfile and find out what's inside!

Well, unless it's a containerization project (ex. Docker itself, a library that lets you run unit tests inside containers, Kubernetes, docker-in-docker, etc.)

@urusan The thing is though, the level of untangling I need just isn't worth it to me when I'm just trying out something

It's like when I got my first portable table saw. There were other models that needed a whole heap of handholding to get actually "portable", but I went with the one that actually was

@cypnk Have I got the tool for you!

It's called Docker, and it makes trying out new systems much easier! Plus, cleanup is a breeze!

Oh shoot, wait...

@cypnk @urusan funny I prefer docker for things i'm just trying out. Easy cleanup in case it don't float.

@cypnk I'm pretty sure this post *actually* broke a barrier or two in my inability to understand Docker lol

@DavidBlue Always happy to make muddy things... er... less muddy. Or more muddy, as the case may be

@DavidBlue @cypnk I don't understand it very well either. From what I have gathered, it is a mix of "fast virtual machine" and "DLL hell but on Linux servers".

@eldaking @cypnk it is like... the second to last step I have yet to do before I have done everything you can do on GitHub at least once lol...

I would like to publish a Package! that sounds nice... throwing some thoughtful treats in a package...

but I think I'm going to continue putting that off lol.

@cypnk Is today the day I find a project that I'll actually want to play with?

1. clang"

The search continues
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