@cypnk I wanted to do that to like an old motorbike (I just don't have enough space to work)

@robots @cypnk my friend converted an old Katana. It was a fun project.

@robots Ah, I live in an apartment so I have space issues for projects too

Can't wait to move out to a cabin in the woods so I have all the space I'd want

@cypnk I see this classic MG plugged in around the neighborhood. This is the company that made the conversion kit for "old timers" to turn them into EV: kits.schilderelectric.nl/

Mike Brown has been doing this for decades in northern California. I believe he coined the term ICectomy. I used to read his columns in the long gone Homepower magazine.


@th @cypnk
His book, Convert It, is a bit of a collector's item on amazon listed at $323 with only 2 copies available.

@cypnk I've been toying with the thought of converting the Scout with a Warp 9 or 11, but it looks like some AC setups are becoming more available.

@dokuja Those are pretty powerful and need a fair reserve to go along with it. The thing with conversion kits is that there are so many combinations, you really need to know the vehicle like the back of your hand before even attempting

This really is the time to try something like this though. There are a lot more accessible resources now than even 10 years ago

@cypnk agreed. Wow I just realized its been over 10 years since my friend's electric conversion. It really was a niche thing, side businesses run out of back alley warehouses and home garages. Soon you can get an eCrate from GM, which should at least make converting some of their vehicles over a lot easier. Battery positioning is still challenging, so I look forward to new options that can cater to different vehicle configurations.
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