@cypnk He's sooo right! And I know it because I had already 2 American boyfriends.

But what is with Western Europe?

@lauteshirn Most likely the American + French influence. I've noticed some British are also similar to Eastern Europeans in some ways

@cypnk @lauteshirn yup. My immediate reaction was that the "objective" distribution was way out. I mean, 67% of stuff being pretty good or better, come on... J

@cypnk hahahaaha why do I think this is the most accurate thing I’ve seen in a while…..

@cypnk been in the US and northern america for about 6 months. So true.

Not bad, though!

Everytime I take part in an employee survey of an international company I hear complains from management that we (Germans) vote so bad in comparison to other countries. Yeah, cultural differences. In Germany it must exceed expectations to be considered good. And if we don't complain, it is a kind of praise.

@cypnk the bottom one applies to every person i know, i'm from a european country too

@cypnk as someone from eastern europe, this is ok, I guess:)

@rysiek @cypnk
And thus the difficulty to get feedback from different cultures using the same poll.

@alsternerd @cypnk you may, or may not remember, that half of Germany used to be behind an "iron curtain", firmly in the grip of Eastern socialism…

@meena @cypnk The west isn't better, I say coming from the very western Germany and visting the east occasionally.

@cypnk as an Easter European (French) I agree
I very often say "it's not bad" to mean that "something is good"

@cypnk Even so, on allegro.pl all the sellers still expect to get 5 stars for an average uneventful purchase :/

@wolf480pl @cypnk But, isn't what you want an average uneventful purchase?

@Hyolobrika @cypnk
I mean, it's nice, but then I don't get to learn how good the seller really is...

There are edge cases which the seller can't really avoid, such as me changing my mind within the statutory 14 days, or a second-hand product turning out to have latent faults. But there's no way to reward sellers which handle these cases well...

@cypnk This comes up a lot in hiring academics between Europe and North America. "Meets expectations" would be a horrible response from a North American academics, but from certain parts of Europe that is a damn fine one.

@Canageek Oh wow, you're right. I wasn't even thinking about academia, but I imagine this would cause quite a *large* discrepancy in acceptability

@cypnk I first learned about this from versions of similar figures being passed around chemistry twitter so new profs were aware of it when getting reviews, reference letters, etc.

Many said that yeah, they have conversion factors they apply for such things.

(Meets expectations was I think from a very large British lab at a famous school, with the implicit understand that to say they met expectations at such a prestigious lab was to say they were good enough to work anywhere in the world, and was the equivalent of a 3 page letter of praise from most American labs)

@cypnk This is something few people think about, but the financial industry tracks Net Promoter Score (NPS). And it really boils down to a 5-star system even though it's often stretched into 1-10.

★★★★★ (9-10) = promoter
★★★★ (7-8) = neutral
★★★ (5-6) or less = detractor

Americans tend to provide and expect perfect ratings and all our systems are built around it. I think it says a lot about how we treat happiness and satisfaction.

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