FYI GNU IceCat (formerly IceWeasel) for Linux is still around

Basically Firefox with a lot of the malarkey stripped

Latest version is 60.7.0

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If you're a Arch based distro user a version based on latest firefox ESR is available on AUR or chaortic-aur repo (compiled version).

@redstarfish I'm on Arch based Manjaro and do see it there. I use ESR when I use Tor Browser

@cypnk > formerly Iceweasel
Iceweasel and IceCat are two different entities, the former being a rebrand of Firefox for Debian of the days when Firefox didn't yet have a branding excerpt for Debian in its license.

@tdemin I was referring to the name, not the project. Actually, on that page, they have addressed it:

"Previously, this GNU browser project was also named IceWeasel, but that proved confusing"

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