Don't use your real name on the Internet

So anyway I, [real name, birthday], was at [employer] and let me tell you all about my [ass backwards ideas] about [group]

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1992 - Don’t talk to strangers.
- Don’t get in a strangers car.
- Don’t talk to people on the internet.

2021 - Literally summon strangers from the internet with intent to get into their car.

@Full_node I will never get used to this. I mean, I've gotten into plenty of strangers' cars, but rideshares...

@cypnk Have yet to use a ride share as well. I just see the whole 180 society has taken.

@Full_node @cypnk Hitchhiking has been a thing for very long, just in the last few years it's declining... Ride-sharing makes it safer, and more expensive...

@rastinza @cypnk Might just be a local thing but I’ve seen quite the contrary. Have seen more people extending their thumb in the past few months than I ever recall in the past. Might be due to the large uptick in homelessness that it also become very prevalent.

@cypnk @Full_node was it a podcast or an article.. it mentioned hitchhiking being more common and a propaganda campaign against it..

@jasper @Full_node It is still very common in some parts here, but roads are getting more unsafe (as in physically as they get wider and traffic moving faster)

I don't know if there's a campaign against it, but there are now more people refusing to hitchhike for various reasons

@cypnk @jasper @Full_node

during the 90s rave era, complete strangers used to get into others cars all the time to get lifts to raves; despite about 60% of the drivers not having all the required paperwork (such as full driving licences, or insurance) and about 90% of them not even being sober; surprisingly little bad stuff happened (this was of course in the days before ANPR cameras and on board computers, and probably a big reason /why/ these things got deployed fairly soon after)

@vfrmedia @jasper @Full_node A fair number of rural drivers in upstate New York also don't have licenses (heck, even in more populated areas, there are a lot of unlicensed drivers)

There's just no traffic enforcement in forest areas up there to speak of and cops are usually busy in the cities

@cypnk @jasper @Full_node

UK used to be like that and even in London, Scotland Yard were overwhelmed with other crimes, but Cleartone Electronics in Wales, working alongside ARM upgraded existing Police radio control units to handle telemetry for sirens/blue lights, GPS, CCTV and ANPR.

as for hitch-hiking, as a single man I'd be wary of picking up a younger person for fear of safeguarding issues (are they <18? have they run away from home?) and/or risk of false allegations, alas...

@cypnk @jasper @Full_node

it seems that as comparatively recently as 30 years ago; people in meatspace trusted each other a lot more.. even a rideshare app is just a taxicab app with slightly less regulation (although in some countries Uber/Lyft are only allowed to operate *if* they comply to same regulations existing taxicab services work with which usually require a background check on the driver as well as assessing their safety on the roads...)

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