There's a bit of a mismatch in music preferences between the albums I listened to as a kid (when my family decided what's playing) vs. what I'm listening to

But there's a similar ambiance and a vibe that feels awfully comfortable and I can't explain it away as coincidence

@cypnk I remember liking the album at the time. Haven鈥檛 heard it for decades now though鈥攕ince my brother left home and took it with him. I wonder how it holds up?

@futzle For my ears, pretty well. Of course, a lot of it does come along with a heap of nostalgia

@cypnk I went from LOVING this album when it had just released to merely liking some bits of it nowadays.

Apparently he released a 4th studio album a few years ago? I'd no idea. (Amused To Death was a bit meh, sadly.)

@greyduck Tastes do change over the years, but then life would be boring if we stay the same people over time

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