@cypnk what songs+artists are in these days kids鈥 playlists? One of the old men (me) can鈥檛 read the small text, because the signal to noise ratio is worse than Winamps and I don鈥檛 know the songs/artists in the Spotify playlist, so guessing/extrapolating doesn鈥檛 work ;)

@smartsammler I can only make out the first one "Save My Heart (feat. Sir Pryce)", but the rest is a total blur 馃槄

I actually know all music that is on the winamp playlist in the picture 馃槃

@cypnk@mastodon.social but winamp cant recommend me similar artist that fans like 馃槶

@cypnk@mastodon.social would be nice if you know some of fedi accounts that usually make review or recommendation to artist that deserved to be heard.

@sandycorzeta That would be @nowplaying

Actually, that format has gotten so popular, many instances now have their own (at)nowplaying with wide musical tastes

Occasionally, you can catch artists flying by on the hashtag and on the Federated timeline

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