This is apparently a TI-77 Plus graphing and scientific calculator. So far, I've been unable to find any documentation or even marketing material on it. There's a similar calculator with an LCD that I was able to find, but nothing in this form factor with a CRT

If it went into production, this is probably the one of the thinnest, if not *the* thinnest, CRT in a non-lab setting

@cypnk i would bet 5 mortyshmekles that that is infact not real and a 3d rendering

@swordsie @cypnk

it is a fantasy concept from a younger 3d artist (as mentioned in the discussion they overlooked that miniature CRTs of the era had a minimum physical size so the calculator would have to be much deeper and/or the CRT angled (think of the Osborne 1, Commodore SX-64 etc)

@vfrmedia @swordsie @cypnk Very well done.

A few of the other tells:

1) Directional Pad that's circular. Had it been in production in the 1980s they would have used a more cross-shaped one like the Nintendo.

2) The lack of any external power source. Powering a CRT off of a battery is definitely lead-acid territory, and lead-acid batteries aren't small by any measure.

@craigmaloney @vfrmedia @cypnk well there are compositing problem on the screen too .. there is an obmnidirectional shadow being cat that isa to sharp to be a real shadow at that ligt intensity.. and the table itself is clearly an artificially generated texture

@vfrmedia @cypnk @craigmaloney IIRC Sinclair produced a portable TV that had the CRT sideways and bounced it off a mirror to the viewer.

@Jo @vfrmedia @cypnk @craigmaloney yeah I owned one! Was to save on backlight so light shone through the screen onto the mirror. Black and white and screen size about 2 inches!

@cypnk This seems too good to be true. I'd like to know more, but I'm wary that it's a well-designed image manipulation.

@craigmaloney @cypnk Yeah, I doubt it would be producable at a time when reducing the form factor with mirrored CRTs was barely a consideration yet.

@craigmaloney @cypnk I'd also add that the image looks like a render to me. Too clean to be a photo.

@Jo @craigmaloney @cypnk

you're correct - however, all three of you may enjoy the other material originating from the same source

@djsundog @Jo @cypnk I'm looking forward to some sloppy journalistic hack creating a book of prototype computer hardware and including unsourced versions of these in their book.

@Jo @djsundog @craigmaloney @cypnk i sometimes wonder how possible wit would be to recreate the look of a crt like that using a high res oled or ips and a carefully designed optical element in front; a mirror, lense or holographically printed waveguide

@cypnk @thegibson A nice Photoshop mockup based on the TI-92 from the late 90s (that I still have :)

@cypnk They really should've used an orange plasma screen, and made it 2" thick, to pass for '90s tech.

@cypnk Hmm, not sure that is real.

It's close to a 92 plus though.

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