Is it just me or is the Internet unbearably... the same?

Articles, images, content in general seems like they're all specifically catered toward algorithms and not people. And so more of the same content feels generated because clicks rule the world

Algorithms all the way down

@cypnk One of the nicest things about the old internet, the kind you can browse with, is that every site is different. Even ignoring algorithms, there are just some prevalent ideas about what looks nice and what doesn't, and many pre-configured tools like Wordpress, so that even the smaller websites end up looking kinda similar.

@cirno @cypnk

When I made my first website on Geocities 25 years ago, there were no ways to quickly put together a site.

That was fine with me. I was a teenager with plenty of time and wanted to learn HTML anyway.

So, I put in a lot of time and effort to make it look the way I wanted to. Which isn’t to say that it looked good. I have a terrible eye for design. But it was certainly interesting.

Which meant I spent less time on content, which was also ok, because at that age, I thought I had more to say than I really did.

Nowadays, I have more to say, but less time to spend building a site (aside from my actual work as a web developer). So, for my blog, I pick a SSG that works for me, I pick a theme that matches my personal aesthetics, and I tweak it a bit.

I’m happier having more time to focus on the content, and I don’t really care that my site visually is a bit boring, because I realize now that the content is what’s most important, and not the funny animated gifs and background midis that I can find to decorate my site.

@cypnk Yeah, but generally referring to things on the internet as "content" might colour your thinking about this matter.

@anjum That's fair. "Feed me" is a bad approach in general, not just for what's available on the web

@cypnk Will say though, even on my own personal web pages I worry about stuff like Twitter preview cards, open graph tags, and sometimes even SEO - and I realise I'm almost unconsciously catering to all these algorithms.

@cypnk Or perhaps I should say "proprietary web experience". Never liked the word "algorithm".

@anjum But it's worth it in your case since your treatise on When Marnie Was There was just genius

@anjum @cypnk

As an artist in multiple disciplines, I find the word "content" as is popularly used to be very distasteful. It's a usage that came out of technology folks designing systems to deal with serving art of all kinds through a single software interface. It's a software architecture term.

It demeans the amount of work and years that goes into making art. It's like genre labels, but far worse.

@wraidd @cypnk Yeah I was going to say, Fedi's always good for me to see non-algorithmically-filtered content.

@cypnk My site tries to be different, interesting, and to invite exploration, but I regularly get complaints that it's unexpected, and hard to find things.

Your complaints are from your point of view, but I'd guess that in the world of people who "browse the internet", you are unusual. Not so in this bubble in the Fediverse, but more widely, you're unusual.

"The Web" is not for you.

Or me 8-(

@ColinTheMathmo Your complaint of my post is similarly only from your point of view

@cypnk I agree completely that my *response* is from my point of view, & my perception. My reply was not a complaint.

I agree with your original post completely ... "The Web" is looking very samey. My reply was to point out that when I talk to muggles about this (and I have) they seem to think they're getting what they want, don't perceive the saminess, & when offered something less samey, they complain.

These are my experiences ... I offer them to the mix. As always, feel free to ignore them.

@cypnk So et me emphasise ... I agree with you.

I offer the observation that the muggles seem to be getting what they think they want, and complain when you offer them something odd, different, idiosyncratic, or eclectic.

@cypnk Why do you need other sites when you can do anything at ?


But seriously, yeah, it's tough finding those niche little blogs with interesting ideas or artistic styles. When you find them, though, it's great!

@cypnk Haha I'm glad! Happy to share some of the fun parts of the internet

@cypnk @amolith I guess this is the inevitable result of writing for SEO instead of writing for people? this is a big part of why I have zero analytics on my site and try not to look at where articles get posted how many internet points they get. Writing for you is what's important :flan_thumbs:

@cypnk more.because algorithms bring more algorithms, Take down big tech ig but you need to convince the algorithm loaded attention freak normies
@cypnk internet in general is terrible because of this, actual worthful and valueable informstion is intentionally amde scarce

@cypnk Yes, this exactly. I hate the sameness of many blogs and pages. I think that maybe part of the driver on this is that everyone is putting out content to gain likes, so they follow what works for algorithms, not people.
Bring back the messy, original, human web!

@cypnk The "old days" WWW was better. People gathered good web pages in lists, bookmarks and directories. Search engines did help a lot, but it is a pity how, as they dominated the world, those small lists were abandoned. Social media sites are not the same. They do not even get close.

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