Some people are commenting on this suggesting alternative clients. Some which don't run on Windows

- Most people use Google
- Most people use Windows

If you type "torrent" into Google, uTorrent is on the front page

This isn't a comment on the quality of uTottent. This is how network effects work. You can try and convince people to drop it for alternatives, but understand why they're torrenting in the first place. Most folks really couldn't care less about the client. They just want the movie

@cypnk The creation of Disney+ was the inciting event that made me go "Hey, I wonder if Sickbeard and Couchpotato are still things"

(they are, but Sonarr and Radarr are the new hotness)

@flexagoon The overwhelming majority of people still use uTorrent over qBittorrent. Part because they may not know the other exists and part because they want the movie/show and don't really care about the client

@cypnk transmission-daemon does a decent job as I can access it via cli, terminal app, or browser.
But I've been meaning to look at qbittorrent @flexagoon

@livestradamus @flexagoon Alas, most people are also afraid of cli. My work PCs are all Windows and I only get to use Linux at home. This isn't unusual

@cypnk @livestradamus @flexagoon This is why I like a client-server model for long-running programs. Synapse is to bittorrent as mpd is to music; it has separate TUI and Web frontends.

I think transmission and deluge can do the client-server thing too, but I鈥檓 starting to like Synapse. Need to add Hulu, CBS All Access, PBS Thirteen Passport, and Paramount+ to this.

@cypnk I use which runs on everything. It's fine once you turn a lot of annoying settings off.

@cypnk qBittorrent has a built-in tracker search, I usually show this feature to anyone who I want to convince to move from uTorrent to qBittorrent

@flexagoon How would one take advantage of a tracker search. Is there a way to delete the trackers or are some of them required? And what about finding out which are the bad ones? Asking as a rookie.

@m_khokhar it searches through existing sites, like Rutracker, Pirate Bay, 1337x etc

@cypnk Just so you know, I found this thread incredibly useful for getting back into this, and immediately got value from it.

@cypnk was just talking about this last night with my spouse.

It鈥檚 not TV, it鈥檚 New Wave Cable

@cypnk utorrent sucks though use transmission or something
@cypnk if there's one thing that people hate, it's non-monopolies
@lain @cypnk freedom from choice, the most important freedom of all

@cypnk but you don鈥檛 actually watch on 渭torrent (or any other torrent manager). You also don鈥檛 get the content, or a list of magnetic links, from the torrent client either. It is just a means of transportation.

Would make more sense to be a player, like VLC, instead, or a listing service like TPB.

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