I used to tell a joke about Sisyphus, but looking back, it went downhill

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I've been workshopping a routine about the Daënids but the material is full of holes and the premise just doesn't hold water.

@cypnk I used to tell a joke about Orpheus, but looking back, it was dead on arrival.

@JubalBarca @cypnk i used to tell a joke about Lot's wife, but looking back, it was overly salty

@thamesynne @JubalBarca @cypnk

I get started with my routine but someone calls the cops before I've even finished the set up.

Ring has ruined knock knock jokes.

@cypnk I've been telling a joke about Theseus, tweaking it here and there over the years, but now I'm not sure if it's the same joke anymore.

me, I don't like jokes about time travel
it feels like the punchline timing is always off

@cypnk All you people making jokes about Tantalos and I never seem to grasp what's so funny about him.


I had a wicked Prometheus joke, but I'm not into hot takes any more.

@Nezchan @cypnk What unit did the ancient Greeks use to measure their fields?


@cypnk @faoluin I used to tell a joke about the summer of '69.

I don't look back. I can never look back.

@cypnk I'll tell a joke about karma as soon as it comes around

@cypnk trying to come up with new Sisyphus jokes is an uphill struggle.

@cypnk I had a friend who wrote a hilarious joke about Chrysippus, but he died laughing at it before telling anyone.

@cypnk I keep workshopping a joke about Damocles, it's always hanging over my head.

@cypnk I have a joke about Narcissus, but I only tell it to the lovely man in the mirror.

@cypnk I used to tell a joke about Hercules, but people thought it came off a bit too strong.

@cypnk I once had prepared a great joke about Icarus. My dad warned me not to, but I performed it anyway, and my standup ambitions melted in the spot light, marking the fall of my career.

@cypnk i had a good one about Ariadne, but I lost the thread.

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