@cypnk And the best work I can make with thos characters is "Empathy"

@cypnk It would be more interesting to show the symbols which have the same meaning in the different writing systems.

For example, Cyrillic and Greek D and L may look slightly different, but they seem to have the same root. In fact, I've even seen them looking the same in some Cyrillic fonts.

Also, the latin B is not the same as the one in Cyrillic, even if they look the same. The latter is in fact V.

Weren't the Phoenicians the founder of the Western/Cyrillic alphabets?
If I am not mistaken, the Arabic and the Hebraic alphabets can be traced to the Phoenician root.

@cypnk @Gargron the letters within each circle seem to be placed randomly... but also not really...

Anyone knows how they’re placed ?

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