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r覊ustic cy蜖be谈rpu痰nk馃馃 @cypnk

Corollary to "Everything is a file", a la Unix credo, applied to Mastodon:

Everything is an instance


@cypnk a user is not an instance. A toot is not an instance. A hashtag is not an instance.

@cypnk but no man is an instance entire of itself

@tcql It's like you get me. You *really* get me! 馃槶

@cypnk Except in this case 3/4 of us are Lord Buckethead

And the other 1/4 are trees

@TheyCallMeMo It was the June 2017 general election in the U.K.

Lord Buckethead got 249 and promptly decided to dab in that pose when the results were announced